Downtown Grand Junction

New projects in the works for the city
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While the city center portion of the North Avenue streetscape improvement is winding down, other projects in the city are breaking ground, in planning stages or just starting the conceptualization process.

If you haven’t driven on North Avenue from First to 23rd and paid attention to the improvements, take a short drive and try to remember what it used to look like. Better yet, get out of the car and walk, especially on the sidewalk next to Lincoln Park. That sidewalk is now wide, spacious and far enough from the busy street that it doesn’t feel as though you’re tempting fate to be on it. 

This sidewalk running along North Avenue next to Lincoln Park Golf Course is detached from the street and is wide enough to accomodate two pedestrians or a pedestrian and a bicyclist. Crews are still working to complete the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street.

Be sure and look at the median improvements in the street and the facade improvements made by many of the North Avenue property owners who have taken advantage of the city’s grant program, which is a matching funds program that has awarded up to $10,000 to property owners who wanted to make improvements to their buildings’ exteriors. The city has $30,000 remaining and available to North Avenue property owners who’d like to participate. 

The owner of this building is just
one of many property owners to take advantage of the city’s North Avenue commercial catalyst grant program, which awarded matching funds up to $10,000 to business owners who made improvements to their building's facade and signage. The owner of this building has spent far more than the $20,000 he originally anticipated and plans to tear down the deck on the side of the building and replace it with something that looks a little newer and more inviting.

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