Grand Junction Commercial Real Estate

Medical industry, North Avenue bring commercial activity to valley

by: Penny Stine, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Commercial real estate activity is humming right along, with new construction, new retailers coming to town, disappearing office space and busy commercial brokers constantly in negotiations for leases and sales. 

Perhaps the largest commercial project on the horizon is the $34 million new psychiatric hospital at Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital. “We’re really excited to be at this juncture,” said Mind Springs CEO Sharon Raggio. “We don’t have enough psychiatric beds on the Western Slope.” The new hospital will increase the number of beds at West Springs from 32 to 64. In the construction process, one of the hospital’s current 16-bed buildings will be demolished to make way for a new, 48-bed facility, with the option of adding on another 16-bed wing in the future. 

“On any given day, we are full,” Raggio said. “Most hospitals expand when 75 percent of the beds are used and we are at 90 percent. It’s time and this is the best design for expansion.” 
FCI is the general contractor for the project and has pledged to hire as many local subcontractors as possible. The new hospital will have an economic impact to the community during construction, and once it is complete, with 25 new staff members. According to a recent economic impact study done by the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, the new hospital will generate the full-time equivalent of more than 100 jobs in its first year of operation, growing to more than 125 by its fifth year.

More importantly, the hospital will allow Mind Springs to continue to reach and help stabilize residents across the Western Slope who can benefit from treatment. 

Mind Springs Health has already begun moving dirt in the construction of its new 48-bed hospital wing. The hospital will demolish one of its existing 16-bed wings, but another one will remain in place, giving the facility a total of 64 beds when the new hospital is complete.

St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center is currently in the middle of an electrical upgrade for the entire campus that has served as a mini economic development tool, with an estimated cost of more than $17 million, using 20 local subcontractors on the job. FCI has been the general contractor for the project, which is scheduled to be complete in January, 2018.  
The hospital has been added onto and renovated multiple times since it was first built, and the electrical update brings the entire campus up-to-date.  

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