Information for Home Buyers in Grand Junction, Colorado

Buying a home, especially if you're a first-time home buyer, can be a daunting task. Having a professional Grand Junction real estate agent at your side to help you navigate the contracts, appraisal process, and finer details of home buying can be a big help.  Before you get that far, however, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • What is your budget? How much can you afford to spend on a mortage payment each month? A good place to start may be with your rent payment (if you're paying rent).  Also consider how much money you will have for a down payment, if any.  You can also find loan calculators, like this one, online to help you determine interest, etc. 
  • Consider your Grand Junction real estate agent! You can take time to research agents.  Talk to your friends or others who've recently purchased homes. Find out who they used and who they like for real estate.  You'll want to find a realtor whom you trust and get along with.  It's hard to be sure of a home when you're not even sure of your realtor. 
  • Determine what you need in a home.  What's most important to you? Is it backyard space for a pet? Is it a lock-and-leave home that requires almost no maintenance? Where are you willing to compromise? Will you settle for a less-desirable location to gain the backyard you want, or will you settle for a smaller home in the location of your dreams? Knowing these things before you start looking for a home will help you find the right place a little faster.
  • Know what homes are available in your price range.  Locally we have The Daily Sentinel's Real Estate Weekly and of course our own listings, both of which provide you with a good idea of the size and type of home you'll be able to afford, once you know your budget. 
  • Finally, ask questions! If you're not sure what a term means, or not sure if a foreclosure home is a good idea or not, ask your realtor. They're there to help you from start to close.